The Belgian backwoods horror movie Cub is directed by Golden Méliès winner Jonas Govaerts. With his award-winning shorts Of Cats & Women, Abused and Forever, as well as the Flemish cult television series Super8 and MONSTER!, Govaerts has already made his mark as a dependable genre director.

For Cub, Govaerts has gathered a talented, experienced team:

Director Of Photography Nicolas Karakatsanis (the Oscar-nominated Bullhead, the US remake of Loft, and the cult horror movies Left Bank and Small Gods), co-writer Roel Mondelaers (writer/director of popular television series De Vijfhoek and Plan B), producer Peter De Maegd (The Spiral, Left Bank, Small Gods) and, last but certainly not least, executive producer and legendary horror author Richard Christian Matheson (Mobius, Abused, Tales From The Crypt, The A-Team, Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories).

CUB The Movie