It takes an enormous amount of energy to make a movie. Creative energy is inexhaustible and with the enthusiasm of our crew and cast we can move mountains without leaving an ecological footprint behind. Unfortunately we cannot escape from it: every shoot uses up loads of fossil energy, has a huge CO2 emission and leaves a ton of waste. We were not able to avoid this with our movie Cub, but how could we limit all of this to a minimum? Cub is a green-efficient production. And let’s be clear about this, we won’t be interested in fitting ourselves with a green image by using a layer of eco-varnish. That is why we work together with our partner Zero Emission Solutions.

Together with our partners we examined how we can reduce the number of miles we drive, or at least the emission, to a minimum. And where could we replace grey energy by green energy? But we also thought of less obvious solutions… Catering for example… it takes up a substantial bite out of our budget, but the food industry itself also has a big impact on the environment. Just watch the documentary Love Meat Tender produced by our friends from AT-Production. Can we diminish our ecological footprint by adapting our menu? And if we bake fries on the set, can we take the used oil and turn it into biodiesel to make our generators work? During our production we will put all of this to the test. On our website you can follow this experiment closely and you yourself can calculate how much emission we spare.

Trailer Love Meat Tender

CUB The Movie